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Sorry that I didn't get opportunity to thank you and the guys in person for your performance today at Alta Walk. Your sound was absolutely perfect for the Oktoberfest event - and the quality was super impressive! I know that our residents greatly enjoyed your music!!! Please pass along my thanks to John, Irv and Glenn. Thanks again for making everyone's Oktoberfest a joyful experience with some wonderful tuba music!

Dave Koch, Executive Director
Alta Walk Senior Living Community
Durham, NC
October 7, 2011

Thank you Triangle Tuba Quartet.

Your sounds echoed throughout the town yesterday ..... wanted you to know that your presentation was so appreciated. You guys are great!!!! AND so nice to volunteer your tireless hours!

Thanks again, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

Rachel Hawkins (Co Chair Candlelight Tour)

Just back in the office today and wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the excellent job you guys did at our wedding. It was great to hear those tubas through the woods as we were waiting to walk down the aisle. We've heard from countless folks telling us how much they enjoyed the tubas and your playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I am enjoying your new CD.  It's a good variety of what is admittedly a theme-limited style of music, and I think you guys (and Greg Fischel) did a very nice job putting it together.  Joel's artwork is clever, as usual; the whole thing makes a very nice package.

Congratulations on making your first professional recording and thanks for including me in the distribution!


Just wanted to drop a line to tell you what a great job you did on your Christmas CD.  Neat!!!   We thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thanks,

Teresa McLaughlin

Nice web, Irv & friends. Good luck, why don't y'all come to STL in October?? Bet we could arrange a venue. Lynn McAdoo Navy & David Navy UC65

Janet Zerlin Fagan Excellent Website, Irv. Really enjoyed learning about you folks. Wish I were close enough to hear you.

Mackenzie Casey Thank you so much for playing at my wedding. I had several comments on how great you sounded. Thanks for arranging some of the songs to fit the ceremony, You ROCK

Thanks for playing with us last spring in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens! Randy Guptill, Conductor, Duke University Wind Symphony

All of you sound great! Yall are the best tuba quartet I've ever heard. I'm 14 years old and I am a very good tuba player and just put together a quartet and everyone in it really enjoys listening to you music. Its all about the tubas.

Hey, Jack - looking good!

Don't you miss the ice and snow?

Mike Short

I grew up playing guitar, harmonia, and pump reed organ in the mountains of North Carolina. I'm 80 years old and I had never heard of a tuba quartet until I saw this site. Now I wish I had me one of them big horns. Dang! Y'all sound good. Horace Winfield

Me gusta como tocan las tubas!

Chris Bybee, Nice Site...Tuba's 4 Eva man...I am looking for a good piece for a quartet that our high school tuba section can play for competition..any me

Thanks for inviting me....I enjoyed the visit to your website and particularly like the sound bytes. Bob Bauman, Chapel Hill

Way to go TTQ, great site, I like the take-offs of your title picture. I'm afraid if I wish you all luck with your music and it comes true, my sister-in-law would be mad at me. Have fun! C. Eisen

To think that I knew Irv Eisen when he was just a pup in the pound here in St. Louis, Missouri, with his Karl Ziess tuba held together with electrical tape. And look at him now!--Ed Spence

Cool. I like the sound bytes option. You guys are getting big time. Remember the little people HE HE Mackenzie Denniston

Nice site! do you have someone design your site? Check out "Oregon Tuba Ensemble" site at Click on "Dave's web page"link. I'm Dave Mckee, Eugene,Oregon.
   <We do this web page ourselves.  Looks like a fun group you've got!>

Nice website. Look forward to seeing more. Where exactly are you based? In Chapel Hill or Durham? Thanks N Chase Durham, NC
   <Both, actually.  Two of us live in Durham, two in Chapel Hill. -TTQ>

Nice looking web page! Good luck with your music. Rick Floyd, Lake Worth, FL (euphonium)

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